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     There is no potential future after your death, IF you don’t believe in an after-life.  If you don’t, then possibly you are living with a deeply hidden hope that something might occur to “save” you, as YOU and for eternity.   If the words God and Spirituality deter your thinking about such matters perhaps because of their possible birth in superstition, then come up with your own names that essentially mean the same thing, but somehow are soothing to you.  Yes, it is necessary.  Otherwise you simply already are dead.  Can you fathom that?  Think of all the generations who came before you and are now dead because they knew a real – as in perfectly MORAL - God could not justify keeping them around, although in their deepest inner being they hoped for a miracle even as they continued to ignore and/or deny God.

     If you elect to pursue belief in an All-encompassing Universal Moral Intellect – or even if you choose to think that mankind is on its way, of its own accord, to becoming “God” enough to someday live an eternal, material life – we must at some point realize we can’t get there as ourselves without morality?  God would not accept us, just as we often do not accept one another, for the very reason that we lack moral intelligence, even as we keep great supplies of weaponry at hand. 

     If your particular intelligence allows you to believe only that you have this one life – for whatever strange reason or non-reason – then you are living only for the pleasure of your quite temporal physical senses, and you would likely suppose that any talk of a totally moral world is an unrealistic, not-worth-pursuing ideal that amounts to moralizing and something you cannot bring yourself to do because you would not wish to make such an effort.  You would rather spend your infinitesimal amount of time not thinking or doing anything about it.  You choose ‘easy’ over eternal.

     Well, this writer’s time will soon be “all lived up,” and he wants to do a little something about it IF he can.  When it comes to moralizing, he won’t try to compete with the Bible, but will try to enhance its Spiritual Essence somehow.  Let’s see if he can.  You be the judge for now.

     Our subject, “GOD,” (meaning an Ultimate Creator of all things morally good) really is a hard-sell these days – unfortunately.  However, if you spell ‘GOD’ backwards, you get mankind’s so-called best friend – i.e. DOG.  We offer plenty of ‘backwards’ in our two-part book, which also is about your favorite subject… YOU!  However, IF you want a “selfie*” with God, or Dog, as perhaps a best friend, you will need to understand both yourself and God, inside and out. 

*(a picture you take that includes you and perhaps something or someone else of significance)

     In that context, our lesson is that you would be best served to ‘believe in’ and always treat God appropriately – meaning you should always align yourself with God’s Moral Essence.  You can only do that to perfection if you become a completely moral entity.  That’s really possible with God’s help.  Ask for it, and continue learning from your mistakes.  God’s “karmic law*” (explained in our books) also is meant to teach you as it becomes necessary.

     *Most every individual is the worst enemy of his or her own ‘self,’ meaning his or her own God-granted soul, which is the essence of oneself, whether one accepts it and God - or not.

     If any of the foregoing sounds preachy to you, we cannot bring ourselves to apologize for caring, so please smile now if you can.  Ours is not an especially funny book because we try to be as passionate as possible - faced with such meaningful subjects as God and eternity.  Although, as a “believer,” one can usually find reasons to live, love, and laugh or smile.


The writer is smiling at you, as he continues with this “pre”text-

     Here is the formula:  Take all the magical words that follow and interpret them to work for you.  You have your own internal means of deriving endless moral help from a tiny cell of God Consciousness – your soul. The trick is, you must make it work for you.  It must become you.  That requires “deep” thinking, which may present a problem, since most modern-day Homo Sapiens are voyeurs for action - whether sexual or violent, if not both in the same package.  Unfortunately they can find every brand of evil in this world on TV, video, the Internet and in publications.  However, God also can be found here, there, and everywhere.  The question then becomes: Are you seeking God or evil?  If ‘evil,’ fortunately for you, you have come to the wrong, right place.  Even though you get a taste of evil here, you also get overwhelmed by its opposite; and without pretext, that just happens to be –


Please consider the following as more editorializing.  That’s what it is. 


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     Maybe with maniacal dictators such as North Korea’s Kim Jong-un, and other tyrants and terrorists temporarily on the scene, the nuclear threat represents the most likely end to mankind.  Those types most definitely are “anti” God and evil enough to start a world conflagration – with such plans already in place, realistic or not.  So, it’s obvious we live in a world of hurt with reason to despair; but let’s not.  Let’s pray instead.

     Yes, we live in a deadly world; but the fact remains, we all are dying anyway.  Are you ready?  Do you even know what it means to die?  We will explore life and death; God and anti-God, as well as good versus evil and much more in our book.  None of this rhetoric is meant to scare you, but to awaken you regarding the relevance of your existence.  Can you even imagine your particular relevance in the so-called ‘grand scheme’ of things?  We can; so let us explore that together - even as we admit our two-part book is lengthy, while hoping it won’t seem that way to you.  Timely breaks though could be crucial to your patience, as that virture will be tested.  Your reward likely could be eternal life, if you grow spiritually.  Plus you could help save others by spreading your moral ideals.  That would be wonderful.  Are you wonderful?  You could be.

     With that thought in mind, let us consider an alternate course our world could take in a direction opposite to the dire consequences mentioned above.  Logically, in order to alter the outcome, we must change ourselves in ways that would not cause an apocalyptic future.  Our books outline an exact schema for doing this.  We invite you to discover and realize this plan and ponder all its implications and imaginative possibilities, as well as what you can do regarding it.  We don’t say it will be easy.  In fact, if you intend to undertake this challenge, you must set your mind to persevere.  Don’t ever give up on yourself, but especially not on God – your partner.



     Maybe it all comes down to a relatively simple concept.  For most humans, life is all about vanity – about our ids and our egos.  We don’t wish to compete with a real God, nor do we want to surrender either.  So, we make life all about ourselves and our immediate material desires.  Moral thinking may take a far back seat, even though it should be in the driver’s seat – meaning our godly soul should be guiding us.  Making that change will help keep us from apocalypse.

     “You being you” naturally makes you the center of your universe and you like that and want to keep it that way.  God, or morality, could just get in the way.  Such good thinking then becomes too ‘deep,’ or too this or that to be acceptable – or maybe only to be considered during those times we might actually feel the urgent need of a higher power.  Otherwise, step aside, God.  We might call you in a dire emergency, or as an afterthought!

     Sorry, folks… that mind-set just won’t suffice.  The emergency is upon us.  Who are you going to call - scientists; politicians; super heroes?  Does God even come to mind?  God is the ultimate Super Power, so call now.  Call God – even by any other name.  A rose is a rose, afterall.

     Or - is your relationship to God the same as it is to that of good versus evil?  Most of us would say that we want good to defeat evil, with the caveat it doesn’t inconvenience us too much or somehow detract or subtract from what we consider the enjoyment of life, to most likely include some evil that must be okay since it’s ours.

     That just-painted selfish life picture deserves a long story we think – a morality tome, if you will.  Most of us after all are searching for sanity in a nutty world.  Congratulations if you are - especially if you’re already on the path to crazy.  If that’s where you are, let us pray God has mercy on you and any potential victims.

     How hard or easy could it be to stay away from the spoiled fruit of the “dark side” - to not even tempt ourselves with evil – to always think ‘morally’?  Ask those so-called Muslims who have become evil, killing-machine terrorists.  Their answer might be they are doing Allah’s work.  Really? – That can only mean Allah is not a Moral God in their view.  Some people have a hard time understanding the concept of morality.  Ask those “Christians” who hate some people enough to judge and kill them, as they often do when given a chance; and yet they might tell you they believe in a Christian God.  So, apparently, for some folks, being morally good is difficult as hell, but surely it’s possible to overcome such mental distortions.  First of all we can’t just give up… or can we?  Of course we can; people do it all the time.

     Who says we have to choose or believe anything?  Who has that right, besides us?  God might not even exist and then of course He, SHE, or It would have no rights whatsoever.  Now, that’s convenient.  You like that?  There will be no such God with any powers over me.  I have enough to muse about with the government’s rules for how I live my life.  It’s my life and I can be my own god, with or without a gun, so thank you very much. 

     Might we even wonder why anyone in his or her right mind would choose evil over good?  What would be your answer to that riddle?  Do you sometimes choose evil instead of good?  Are you in your ‘right mind’ if you do; and do you presume to know the difference?  Could we logically say if we knowingly elect evil in place of morality, we are not in our right minds and perhaps have simply given in to our physical lusts or mental desires?  In other words, our brains (spirits) have overwhelmed our minds (souls). 

     Without God or morality, shouldn’t life be all about fulfilling our individual desires, whatever they are?  You might pose that question to some terrorists who would like to behead you for not believing as they do.  They have individual desires also and might even rationalize them as good rather than evil.  In fact, we know they do.  Yes, it is a form of insanity.

     It’s a nutty world, eh… when some people denigrate other humans and kill them without remorse?  You likely are not that kind of blind evil, but are you in this world simply to profit materially for a meaningless stint of time, then move on to nothing forever? What inspires you in that short-sighted process to contribute toward making it a better, saner, more moral world, if anything?  If you do something loving, decent and moral, do you believe there is a God who appreciates that and will reward it, or punish its opposite?  If not, what’s the point of living morally, as opposed to evil living?

     A Moral, and Just God, makes rational sense in a nutty world.  This book’s co-author would say, IF no such God exists, we should do our best to make society into just such a rational, moral entity.  We need to do that anyway – since such a God does exist.  Otherwise you would not be here and not be reading these words.

     Many of you do believe God is real and has her good and evil concepts for the purpose of allowing the acts and thoughts of people to serve as her judgment criterion regarding how and why they as individuals choose good or evil.  In other words, God gauges our moral growth through each life.  God ultimately does this for us, because SHE created us from her own Spirit, and gave us a piece (cell or soul) of her Mind.  SHE is everything.  God is just so very God! SHE is.  You are.

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     The “Godcosm” books absolutely are one-sided – on the side of God’s Essence, which is purely moral.  It might be awhile before our books show up in a bookstore near you (if ever), so we offer you a chance to read them now, for free.  However, unless you are one of those persons who have tried like hell, without success, to make sense of this world - the books, quite candidly, might represent a unique challenge to you.  On the other hand, if you are among those most desperate seekers of truth, count yourself blessed, as really we all should want ultimate ‘truth’ - considering the dire straits we again have beset on society and the natural world.

     However – if at any point throughout this work, you don’t think we are talking to you or about you… then maybe we are not.  This work is for everyone.  The trick is in knowing when to include oneself in some of the psychological good or evil portraits painted throughout this endeavor.

    Our book (in two parts) will explain why you should want to live for eternity with that perfectly Moral entity we call God, Allah, Jehovah, the Hindu sacred triad, or Whatever – just as long as that One God – by any name - is Moral and “Omnipotent”.  After reading our book(s) we hope you are better able to understand and praise godly precepts and concepts.



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     Please no “hate mail” – we already know you’re out there.  But if you must be negative, we will accept that, along with your prayers.  Just remember, everyone has an opinion, even if they disagree.

     The ‘haters’ among us are the outliers, because God does not accept hate.  SHE abides only Wisdom; Intelligence; Logic; Love – and Grace. You likely know that!  Find out what else you may know, but sometimes cannot re-cognize.

     For example; God is not a “gender,” but we use the pronoun – ‘SHE,’ rather than the impersonal “IT”.

     Read our books.  We will even say please – for your sake – and God’s.


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Just remember: Material life is a killer, so be prepared to die and live forever – Spiritually.  And please do not allow our ‘preaching’ to offend your sensibilities.  It is intended to enhance, not insult your intelligence.  Open your mind – engage your soul.  Thank you.  Thank God.